Five Tips to Increase Your Returns

Customers often ask what can they do to get the most out of their electronic equipment and ultimately earn more money back from TCG. We put together these five tips to help everyone receive the greatest return on investment from both sides.

1.Separate IT Assets from Electronic Scrap

Too often we receive assets and scrap mixed together in a Gaylord which increases the likelihood of the assets being damaged – and thus decreasing potential resale value.   We recommend separating material into two types; Assets and Scrap.

Assets- Typically newer products (usually four years old or less) in working or mostly working condition with most of its original parts. Highest chance for remarket value.

Scrap- Typically older products, non-working, obsolete, or broken beyond repair. Low chance for remarket value but may have salvageable parts.

TCG follows a hierarchy of reuse, recycle, and energy recovery. Higher yields and higher revenue share depend on the products we receive, so the better quality the material, the better quality your return will be.

2.Package for Protection

Avoid damage to assets in-transit by following these best practices:

  • Wrap each asset pallet with shrink wrap
  • Add cardboard between layers for protection
  • Wrap stand-alone screens in shrink wrap and stack on pallets screen down.
  • Mixing different types of assets is OK, but avoid over-stacking

For Secure Wiping or Destruction of loose hard drives, we can provide secure bins with locks to ensure data security prior to our data wiping procedures.

For regulated materials such as batteries and mercury containing devices, contact your representative for specific packaging instructions.

3.Do not ship hazardous waste to TCG

TCG is not authorized or equipped to handle hazardous waste.     When hazardous materials are received, we are required to cease processing the entire shipment and follow strict protocols which often involve additional fees and shipping the material back to the sender.

The most common examples that TCG receives are:

-unknown liquids


-undrained refrigerant containing devices

-spray cans

-pressurized containers

If there is material in question it is best to contact your representative at TCG who can ask for a determination from our compliance director which will ultimately save both organizations time and money.

4.Questionable Material  

In addition to hazardous waste, there are materials that TCG does not accept or accepts conditionally. Lists of each of these materials can be found here:

The most common non-conforming materials that TCG receives are:

-Smoke Detectors

-Aerosol Cans

-Pressurized Containers


Although an item may be on one of the lists above, it is best to reach out to your business development representative to discuss the product as often, we have outlets for proper disposal or handling, even if TCG does not directly deal with the material ourselves.

5.Develop an IT asset disposition (ITAD) plan

Organizations see the greatest return on investment from their IT assets when they have an IT asset management and disposition plan in place. A basic plan should include the following:

  • Identification of all IT assets in house– By knowing what products are in use and when they first went active, the organization can more easily identify what is due for service, upgrade, and ultimately replacement. When it comes time to send material to TCG you will have that list readily accessible and make things easier on both ends.
  • Establish a consistent refresh cycle– By replacing products at regular intervals you can ensure that all products are up to date and that you will receive the maximum value when off-network and end-of-life products are sent to an ITAD partner like TCG.
  • Verify data management procedures are in place– When products are ready for replacement, determine how data containing devices will be handled. Many options exist with different levels of involvement from your organization but TCG is more than happy to handle everything from hard drive removal on-site to total physical destruction. Be sure to discuss your requirements with your representative.

If you are looking for guidance on your IT asset management/disposition plan or even if you have no idea where to start, feel free to inquire about our consulting services and let TCG help.

By following these quick tips, you can expect to a see an increase in returns from TCG. If you have any questions, please give us a call or reach out to your representative. 


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